While on a very specific mission for Adonai in Costa Rica, we found ourselves in the city of Nicoya. When we sat down for lunch, we began to notice the paintings along the walls of the restaurant that told the history of Nicoya. Most notably known for being the recent epicenter of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica in 2012, Nicoya is predicted by seismologists to be the epicenter of yet another earthquake, much bigger than the previous one. As we read the history on the walls, it struck us that this earthquake was not just a physical occurrence, but also very spiritual. In the heart of Nicoya there is a mountain that both before and after the arrival of Catholic missionaries was said to be the home of a giant serpent god that was the supposed protector of Nicoya. This same mountain now has a cross planted at its summit from colonial times of Spanish rule for the purpose of taking all power from this false god. Nevertheless, people still go to the mountain once a year out of fear that the serpent will be released once again and cause natural disasters instead of worshiping Yeshua with the fear of God. Nicoya is also one of 5 blue zones in the world, meaning that Nicoya is one of five places that has highest life expectancy around the globe. It is also one of the only places in Central America that we know for certain had a King before the times of the Conquistadors and colonial rule, making it a place of authority. There is a spiritual and physical battle happening for the heart and destiny of Costa Rica, and Nicoya stands as a stark reminder that it is either the serpent of old or Yeshua that we have to choose to follow, and there is no in between. Having more than 4 percent of the world’s biodiversity, this tiny but crucial Central American nation is prosperous not just in the natural, but is also a hub and a gate of open heavens. This strategic bridge that connects North and South America effects the entirety of the Americas, and now more than ever the golden heart of the nation is in desperate need of a Kingdom of heaven blood infusion.

In the current administration of Costa Rica, the plans of the fallen kingdom of darkness are being made manifest with the current president and his party pushing for abortion rights and even the president himself going so far as to march in the gay pride festival with a giant LGBTQ flag. Along with this, where Costa Rica once used to be close allies with Israel, those days are now long gone as Costa Rica staunchly rales against Israel and is a BDS supporter. Now more than ever, Costa Rica, the bridge of the entire Americas needs the prayers of the saints to declare the perfect blueprint of God to be manifest in this gold coast nation. Abba has not forgotten Costa Rica, and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven over this beautiful nation. Join us in declaring the plans and schemes of the enemy are null and void in the name of Yeshua, praying for the re-activation of the Body of Christ here, and for the heartbeat of the Father to beat more powerfully than ever before, bringing light to the dark places in Jesus’ name.


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