The plans of the Holy Spirit are often times spontaneous, and if we get too comfortable with the plan that we have set for ourselves we run the risk of tuning out His voice.  In our case, we have set certain plans for ourselves based on what God is saying for this current season in our lives, but as the Spirit of God leads, everything is subject to change in a matter of seconds if need be.  As we are on the Asian Worship Tour, we knew that we wouldn’t travel outside of the region until the mission was finished unless the Lord was very clear about doing so.  That moment came when Lion’s brother dropped the news that he was getting married.  For us this was a huge occasion, seeing as Jacob is Lion’s only brother, and the date of the wedding was approaching quickly.  As we were trying to decide on whether or not to go, the Lord began to give us prophetic dreams (Brides Dream, Red Wave) and visions regarding what He is doing and is about to do in the United States that made us understand that He wanted us to go to the U.S. for a short time, starting in California, which just so happens to be the same place Jacob lives. Please read the explanation of the dream of the brides for a more clear understanding ( In short, Yeshua is about to marry with the land of California, and CA will be a covenant state for God, a place for His glory to reside.  We also have been seeing a red wave in the Spirit for the last three months coming to this state which we understand means both that there is an activation of Abba’s original calling for California, and that CA will be a republican state despite its very liberal history.  So, the day after the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore we took a flight to San Fransisco, California, the spiritual gate of the west coast.  We arrived armed with the understanding of what the Good Shepherd wanted us to do there, as well as the incredible bonus of getting to see Jacob and his new bride.

We arrived to San Fransisco 24 hours later ready to do the Father’s will.  In coming to the United States,  We understood that we were carrying with us in the Spirit everything that has been taking place in the Spirit in East Asia these past 7 months during the Asian Worship Tour, and that Yeshua was ready for the west coast of the United States to begin a new season of activation that East Asia has been receiving during these months.  Although we would be in California for only a day and half, the Holy Spirit gave us specific instructions regarding where we would go and what we would proclaim in these places.  We went to three key places that day, and headed first to the Golden Gate Bridge.  The Golden Gate Bridge is very special in the Spirit and the physical, as it is the gate of the West Coast of the United States in San Fransisco, and is a huge connecting point with East Asia.  This is important when we look at the placement of what will be the twelve gates of the new Jerusalem.  Using Jerusalem as the center of the earth, the section of the Golden Gate as we portion out the world according to the direction of each gate, aligns perfectly with Southeast Asia.  The  Golden Gate in the new Jerusalem will be the gate that Yeshua enters through upon His return (Ezekiel 44:1-3) and is the same gate by which Jesus entered through on the donkey (Luke 19:35-37).  It is by no coincidence that the Golden Gate Bridge is called as such, and is the gate by which blessings from the East will flow through.  When we stopped at the bridge, we proclaimed gates open in the name of Yeshua (Psalm 24:7-10) to welcome the Glory of God, the riches of the East, and the anointing of marriage to enter into the United States for such a time as this.  We stood facing the bridge as we proclaimed from victory these things, and blew the shofar to welcome the angels of the Lord into California and the greater United States.  A new Moed (Appointed time of God) has begun in the land of the free and home of the brave.

We crossed over the Golden Gate bridge praying as we went, welcoming the King of Glory as we made our way to Sacramento, the capital of California, the place from which the law of the land is dispersed.  When we arrived, in obedience to the Ruach HaKodesh, we stood in the entrance of the capital building where we prayed for a switch in politics and people of power that will honor God and align with the perfect will and plan of Elohim (1 Timothy 2:1-3).   We sounded the shofar and gave the capital building to King of Kings in the name of Jesus Christ.  California is being aligned to the Most High (Isaiah 22:22).

From Sacramento we made our way to our final destination, the Empire Gold Mine in Grass Valley, where we met with Linda Langley, Dan Prout, and Valerie Jackson, three very prophetic and mighty warriors of the Kingdom who have been interceding for California and doing prophetic mapping in the state for decades.  Before doing the prophetic act and praying we sat down together for a time of discernment where we had the chance to hear from Dan and Valerie the history of the gold mine and gold rush in general in California.  It turns out that the Empire Gold Mine is one of the oldest, largest and highest yielding gold mines in California with over 367 miles of underground mining tunnels.  This year is the 170th anniversary of the beginning of the California Gold rush that brought people from all over the nation and around the world.  It is because of the gold rush that Sacramento and San Fransisco became major cities, and was a major reason for the building of the trans continental railroad connecting the east with the west.  Just 25 miles from the Empire Mine is the first hub of the railroad in California in Colfax county.  The gold rush brought the hope of striking it rich to the people of the United States, but it also brought with it many negative things.  Firstly, there was a rape of the land that saw to extensive pollution from poor mining practices that effect the land even today.  It was said that the rivers were so polluted with silt and mud from the mines that it could be seen as far as twenty miles from the shores of the San Fransisco Bay.  There was also major discrimination towards the Native Americans and the Chinese immigrants with the local Native American tribes being murdered for their land and multiple occasions of the killing of large numbers of Chinese.  There was even a point at which legislation was enacted that made it illegal to buy from or sell goods to the Chinese, hence the formation of China Town in San Fransisco.  Besides the destruction of the land and brutal discrimination, prostitution and homosexuality was rampant amongst the men coming from far and wide to find their fortunes, often leaving their families behind for long periods of time or just never returning at all.  In the 367 miles of tunnels below our feet at the Empire Mine, unspeakable things have been done in the darkness of the mines that span the city and beyond.  Many people see San Fransisco as a sin city, but as we were discussing all of this with one another, Dan Prout brought up a very pertinent point.  He said that San Fransisco is not the root of the sinful things happening there, but merely the fruit of sins that have their root starting in the gold mines.  Just as the physical pollution flowed down river from the mines into the San Fransisco Bay, so it is with the spiritual pollution and iniquity of the past.  Grass Valley was also at the beginning of the gold rush the most developed city in California, being the place that all government officials and the famous and rich would stay as it was the only modern city that even had gas lighting in the streets like the big cities of the east at that time.  It was only later that Sacramento and San Fransisco became more developed and grew to have much larger populations with the completion of the Trans Continental Railroad.  So, even in terms of early legislation being passed, much of it was being discussed and heated out from Grass Valley.

After nearly an hour of discussion and discernment, we were led by the Holy Spirit to pray for one another as a combining of two generations, just as Malachi 4:5-6 says that “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.  We blessed one another, and there was a real unity of family, a kingdom family.  After praying we said goodbye to Dan, which left the four of us to declare, proclaim, prophecy, and worship in Spirit and in Truth as the Holy Spirt led us.  We prayed using these points:

1 Lord we ask that you open the spiritual doors (Psalm 24:7-10) of these ancient mines with the keys of David (Isaiah 22:22) from Northeast and Southeast Asia, and to make way for the blessings coming from the East.

2 Father, you gave us the mantle of the anointing of marriage from Taiwan just as you passed the mantle from Jacob to Joseph (Genesis 37:3), and as part of the first preparations and arrangements of the wedding for the west coast of the USA, we take from the mines, the Ring for the wedding of Yeshua with: Sacramento, Santa Monica, San Jose and San Francisco.

3 Thank you Elohim for releasing in this place the millennial treasures from the east, represented by the 5,000 year old Chinese treasures held in Taiwan, and for releasing this wealth from here to the coffers that will help rebuild this nation and to transfer the wealth to the just and humble (Proverbs 13:22).

4 Today we as Californian’s accept the calling from heaven to become aligned to you Adonai as a covenant state.

5 We welcomed the red wave in the Spirit to transform the west coast into a place pleasing to you, full of people that are full of the fear/awe of the the Most High.

6 We pray for the activation of the new golden highway connecting the west coast to the east coast of the USA in the Spirit.

7 Father, let a new sound be released from the worshippers as the gates of the west are opened in the Spirit.  They will worship in Spirit and Truth that will be like pure refined gold paving the highways in the Spirit with gold just as the roads are in the New Jerusalem.  (Ezekiel 21:21), (John 4:23-24)

8 We proclaimed all of Isaiah 62 over California and the west coast

9 We all prayed a prayer of repentance for the sins of the past at the Empire Mine, pleading the blood of Yeshua over that place and as the salt of the earth purifying the mine from all past sin.

10 Lastly, we did the prophetic act of opening the gate of the mine, and worshipped our Lord and Savior in Spirit and Truth.

While we prayed and proclaimed these things in unity, we were awash and overcome with the presence of the Great I AM.  Step by step the wounds of the land were being healed in the Spirit and the iniquity forgiven as the blood of the Lamb restored and redeemed the land just as he has done for us.  “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life you inherited from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or spot” (1 Peter 1:19).

It was incredible to see how everything was happening in such an accelerated way, and how all of the pieces fell so perfectly into place, even down to the day.  It was the 1st day of the biblical month of Tammuz, the month of Vision and Worship, the start of a new season in the Spirit.  Aside from it being the 1st day of Tammuz, it was also flag day, a day when the United States celebrates the freedoms they are afforded and the men and women who have defended it with their lives.  If that isn’t prophetic enough, it was also President Trump’s birthday.  We understood that it was indeed the start of something new in the U.S.A., a new season of true prosperity for the nation.  We are living in the Moed of a great gold rush in the Spirit and the physical for the United States when the physical gold mines will be reopened and an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit is arriving to America.  For far too long Jezebel has stopped the true manifestation of the American Dream, with people living a false dream based on a mountain of debt and fear.  Many have said that Donald Trump is being used by God as a Cyrus in the Spirit, but he is also being used as a Jehu to end the reign of Ahab and Jezebel (2 Kings 9:6-10).  God is raising up Elijahs to restore the land and judge the false prophets of Baal and the John the Baptists to pave the way for the King of Glory in the United States.  We see in 1 Kings 18 that it was after God sent fire from heaven to consume Elijah’s offering that Elijah killed the prophets of Baal and then the rain came to end the drought.  This is happening now in the United States.  Even as we write this we hear a golden bell ringing in the Spirit, and the Lord saying “Awake, awake people of God, it’s time to take the nation” The Lord in His mercy is letting America enter into a 7 year season that is called: “The Era of the 7 Gold Rush years”.  The drought has come to an end and 7 years of great blessing have begun, 7 gold rush years.  The Moed has come when the John the Baptists are crying out in the wilderness.  The time of hiding is over for the true Believers, a time to cry out in the wilderness, “Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him” (Mark 1:3).  Hope and restoration are returning to this nation.

Just as at this moment the City of David in Jerusalem is being unearthed and the path from the pool of Siloam to the Temple Mount is being uncovered, the ghost towns of the west will also shake off their dust (Isaiah 52:2) and come to life again as the gold rush returns to California.  The city of David is the prophetic clock of California, a prototype of California, and as things progress there they will also progress in California and America.  The California Gold rush changed not only the history of the state, but the history of the whole of the United States.

Before the Gold Rush, San Francisco was a sleepy Mexican mission town and Sacramento was a swampy little supply town.  Just as the treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem were returned from Babylon (Ezra 1:7), the treasures of the nations are being released.  The treasures of the nations in Babylon were stored in the temple behind the gates of Ishtar, and we see in the Word of God that only the treasures of Jerusalem were given back. As the army of God is rising up the gates of Ishtar will be destroyed in the Spirit and all that Babylon has stolen will be redeemed.

All of these things will happen, and are happening in California as one state, not divided.  A trusted friend also had a prophetic dream recently that was extra confirmation to us that California will not be divided as many people are saying could happen.  He saw in this prophetic dream a clock made of gold with the one hand pointing at 12 and the other at 6, and in the clock he saw the face of Emmanuel.  His impression was that it spoke both of a connection between the north and the south of California, and also of the beginning of a new era in California.  Emmanuel’s dream of the four brides also speaks of the fact that Yeshua will marry California, one state, and make it a covenant state for Him.  Read more concerning this dream here:

California, the Golden State, is coming into the fulfillment of the Father’s redemptive plan and purpose as the Golden Gate is opened in the Spirit, a gate that cannot be shut.  The treasures of the East are arriving in the Spirit and the red wave is coming to California, changing the politics of the state.  The root sin of the gold mines is made clean by the blood of Jesus and the rivers in the Spirit flow clean once more, renewing the trees on the river banks, multiplying the fish in the waters and making the Dead Sea alive (Ezekiel 47:1-12).  Many will come to drink from the living waters of God and never thirst again as the water will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life (John 4:14).  The leaders and people of power will be for the King of Kings and lay their crowns before Him (Revelation 4:10).  Now is the time that California shakes off its dust, and welcomes the Glory of God.  We must raise our voices for the King of Glory and pave the streets with our every step with gold refined by the fire of the Holy Spirit as we proclaim the good news and Worship the Lord of Hosts in Spirit and Truth.  Press in California, now is the time of the gold rush in the Spirit and the natural.  May we come out from the desert like a blazing torch with a fire that grows hotter with the passing of each day.  “This third I will bring through the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on My name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are My people,’ and they will say, ‘The LORD is our God.’” (Zechariah 13:9). “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; may Your glory cover all the earth” (Psalm 57:11).

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