Pray for Akko, Israel

A city that has been a stronghold and fortress for countless empires and has seen more battles and blood than most cities of antiquity is Akko, also known as Acre, that sits on the Northeast coast of Israel. It was such a stronghold that when Israel entered the Promised Land it withstood the attacks of the tribe of Asher who inherited the land until Asher was strong enough to take it (Judges 1:31).

Today, Akko is one of the most strategic ports in Israel and the Mediterranean sea, but is also a place of major spiritual contention. It is home to Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bahai’s, and considered the holiest site of the Bahai’s who’s faith is considered new age, intermingling many religions and worshipping one particular man as the messiah. It is also home to Mount Carmel, the same mountain where the prophet Elijah challenged the false prophets of Ashera and Baal and Adonai sent fire from heaven to devour the sacrifice Elijah had prepared upon the rebuilt altar of YHWH. This could very well explain the spiritual battle taking place there, and it is very important that we pray for this ancient city as well as the Spirit filled remnant living there as watchmen on the walls and actively fighting for the salvation of the city.

Join us in praying for the prophetic destiny of Adonai for Akko, for the strengthening of the remnant there, and a tearing down of the spiritual strongholds covering the eyes and ears of the people to the Gospel fo Peace. Akko will be a stronghold of the Most High God and a hub for the the good news to go forth into all of Israel. May the fire of Adonai consume the people of Akko with a holy zeal and the perfect love of Yeshua.

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