Shalom Kingdom Family! After the celebration of Yom Kippur and on our way to beginning Sukkot (The feast of Tabernacles), it is more important than ever to be praying for Israel and the Peace of Jerusalem. Israel’s enemies are known for planning attacks during the High Holy Days to catch Israel off guard, and now more than ever as tensions continue to heat up between Israel, Iran and its proxies, and Turkey, join us in praying for continued peace in Jerusalem and Israel. As Lebanon to the north continues to be embroiled in a political stalemate, and the economy in free fall, Hezbollah, the anti-Israel militia group sponsored by Iran is looking to take complete control of the country as well. We must pray for the outcome of this situation to be favorable to peace, normalization of ties with Israel, and the full return of land to Israel according to Biblical boundaries.

In Israel itself, for the first time in almost 15 years, the two main parties within the so called Palestinian controlled territories have agreed to elections, being forced to do so in the face of more and more Arab countries normalizing ties with Israel

The previous attempt at elections failed with both sides basically splitting leadership between Hamas and the PLA into different territories. The outcome of the coming elections will determine whether there will be peace in Israel or another war. Our prayer is for the intervention of Adonai in these elections and for peace to be the outcome.

In other political news, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being threatened by the attorney general to force him to step down in a political move that would directly go against the will of the voters.

We know Netanyahu is the man God has chosen in this hour to lead Israel and we declare that any plan or scheme to take him from that position before the timing of the Most High is null and void in Yeshua’s name.

Now, going through its second lockdown, families in Israel are facing their toughest challenge yet as more people go without work as winter approaches and frustration with the government’s decision to lockdown begins to boil over. Israel has the highest testing rate in the world for COVID-19, but that has not stopped people from getting it.

Join with us in praying for families who are suffering to receive aid, and for communities to come together, for this to lead to souls being saved instead of lost, and to pray for the leaders of the nation to make wise decisions according to the will of the Almighty. Let us all come together as the global Body of Messiah to never forget to pray for the peace and salvation of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem the apple of Adonai’s eye as the Father has directed us. Let us bring in the Sukkoth with thanksgiving and joy, and may the hearts of every Israeli recognize Yeshua as Lord and Savior. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family!

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