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Lebanon, which shares a northern border with Israel, is at serious risk of being a failed state. For the past 7 months Lebanon’s currency has plummeted in value and the government is still in deadlock despite its people’s suffering. Not only is this devastating to the people of Lebanon, but also for the security of Israel, as Syria which also shares the northern border with Israel is still at war with continuous airstrikes from Israel on Iranian military targets.

To have two failed states on the northern border, both of which have major anti-Israel military powers who have vowed for the destruction of Israel. Please pray for the people of Lebanon, for the government gridlock to stop, and for Adonai to continue to protect Israel.

Upcoming Election

We are are on the brink of yet another election on March 23rd, and this election is just as crucial as the past elections. However, now more than the previous elections, there is contention as to whether people will be more or less willing to vote for Netanyahu due to his COVID policies.

On the one hand things are opening up, on the other hand people who refuse the vaccine who may have voted for him before may not now due to persecution and exclusion from society. These factors aside, please pray that Adonai’s man will be elected in this crucial election on March 23rd.

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Houses of Prayer

At this moment there is a growing rift in Israel in the Body of Messiah between those who agree or disagree with taking a vaccine. But regardless of our point of view, we should respect a person’s choice to either do so or not, but not to ostracise someone who refuses a vaccine. If the fallen kingdom of darkness can separate us based on something so petty that keeps us from worshipping together in Spirit and Truth, our view is worldly not heavenly.

Can two people come together to pray in one accord if judgement is being passed by one? Is it our job to judge? Our job is to bless, and we pray that instead of people having to be on the defensive to vaccinate or not, that we would instead be on the offensive together against the fallen kingdom of darkness in prayer, worship, and declaring the Word of Adonai together for His glory and Kingdom come. As people fight for their rights, please join us in praying for the Body of Messiah and the houses of prayer in Israel and to be like Aaron and Hur lifting the arms of Moses in this time of great need. The victory is already at hand and we must work together as one body to see the victory through.

Non-Vaccine Punishments

The most unlikely of groups in Israel have common ground for once in the Land. The Orthodox Jewish community and many non-religious liberal Israelis are banning together to protest the exclusion of people who do not take the vaccine. News outlets will tell you that things are hunky dory for those who do not take it, but the reality is much different. For example, United Hatzalah, a volunteer emergency medical service, has ceased service of 288 of its volunteers who do not want the vaccine, despite their medical expertise. IDF soldiers who refuse the vaccine are being relieved from their posts, people are being fired from their jobs, and other employers have already said they will ban unvaccinated employees from coming into the office.

Education wise, teenagers above the age of 16 who do not take the vaccine are refused the ability to take final exams that determine their futures. In other words, a veiled threat by the government has now turned into real consequences for those who refuse to take the Pfizer vaccine which is still in its second stage of testing, and would not be allowed to be taken without the currently imposed state of emergency. Join us in praying that the persecution of people who do not want to or need to would receive equal treatment as any other human being and those who are speaking out in Israel will not continuously be silenced by both the media and the government.

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  • Lauren Main says:

    THANK YOU for your diligence and perseverance! I appreciate you keeping us informed on KINGDOM activity, globally – And informed on issues that arise that do NOT reflect GOD’s nature or heart for His people. I am always inspired, encouraged and sometimes challenged by your blogs & posts – but continually stirred to take ACTION. Keep going! Your ministry is a blessing to the Body of Christ. Yeshua’s banner is raised HIGH in the earth through you and your team. He IS glorified!

    • VdD7 says:

      Amen and thanks Lauren! We do our best to prepare the way for the King of Glory and to align His People with his Times, seasons and to His Prophetic clock (Israel). Be blessed and stand in the hidden place in your prayer time and you’ll see how Adonai will move. Shalom!

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