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Iraq and the USA

A recent White House visit by the Iraqi PM has sealed a deal that will stop US missions in Iraq. That means there will continue to be air support and training, but no longer active missions on the side of the U.S. military. The Shia militias controlled and funded by Iran that are now officially a part of the Iraqi army are applying this pressure by continuing to fire missiles at US bases. This will further strengthen Iran’s strangle hold on Iraq, adding another country to the list where its proxies are effectively controlling major parts of the country both politically and militarily.

This is now in addition to Syria, to Iraq’s northwest who shares a border with Israel as well as Lebanon to Syria’s west which also shares a border with Israel. Also, very importantly, Iraq shares a huge swath of Saudi Arabia’s northern border. Saudi Arabia and many of the gulf states are fierce rivals with Iran who is also effectively surrounding the gulf states on two sides by now also having taken control of Western Yemen through Iran’s proxies who now also share a major part of the southern border of Saudi Arabia. From Yemen, Iran’s proxy militia has been firing drones and rockets to attack Saudi Arabia’s major oil infrastructure which makes up almost all of its economy, and has caused severe disruptions already. For this reason the Gulf states and many others have been allying themselves to Israel who is seen as having the most advanced military in the region albeit not the most numbers, trying to even the balance of force in the region to keep the likes of Iran and Turkey from reaching their ambitious goals of both regaining their former glory of the Ottoman and Persian Empires, and the destruction of Israel as we know it.

Jordan and Iran

Jordan has just struck a deal with Iraq to transport its oil through Jordan and Egypt to the Mediterranean for the European market, but as Jordan’s King Abdullah knows full well, that means he is doing business with Iran as Iran essentially now has full control over Iraq. On top of this Jordan is now in full financial cooperation with Iran. This was a shock even to Jordanians. Due to Jordan’s struggling economy, along with the above stated agreements, Iranian tourists are being welcomed to visit one of Shia Islam’s holiest sites at the southern village of Kerak to visit the shrine of Jaffar Ibn Abu Taleb. Talks of an Iranian built airport there is also under way. This is precisely how it started with Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and we must pray it does not happen to Jordan. If it does, it would mean Israel having yet another enemy on its very lengthy eastern border.

Fire Balloons

Hamas has in the past week been sending Incendiary balloons from Gaza into Israel burning large swaths of land, often times farmland. This has prompted airstrikes in retaliation from the IDF. Hamas has cited Israel only letting basic amounts of humanitarian aide into Gaza instead of the full array of equipment to rebuild as the cause for sending incendiary balloons across the border. This as well as halting some funds being sent from Qatar to Gaza as well. Knowing Hamas is simply going to rebuild its capability to attack Israel again, it is no wonder Israel is extremely reluctant to let only the bare essentials into the strip. At the same time many innocent people in Gaza suffer because of Hamas and we must pray for their safety and salvation as well as the safety and salvation of every person within the borders of Israel from the Golan heights all the way to Eilat.

Lebanon Teetering On The Edge

Basic services, such as the power grid, are quickly collapsing, with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warning on Friday that most water pumping in the country will likely cease in the next four to six weeks.

To add to the chaos, the price of basic food items has increased by more than half in less than a month and over 700% since 2019, and clothing has become a luxury, according to a recent report by the Crisis Observatory, Arab News reported. A family of five was spending over 3.5 million Lebanese pounds ($2,300) on food per month as of the first half of July, according to the report. That’s about five times the minimum wage, which stands at 675,000 pounds ($450) a month. While all of this happens, Hezbollah is celebrating the extravagant weddings of its leaders and allies making many in Lebanon furious with what they see as ludicrous given the country’s near collapse. Hezbollah sits in a very comfortable position continuously being resupplied and funded by Iran as well as making illicit money on the black market and through donations from Lebanese diaspora who are often wealthy businessman. If the country does indeed collapse, Hezbollah is looking more and more likely to be the victor in any kind of civil war that may arise. Please pray that such a scenario will be avoided and for the Lebanese government to come out of the gridlock they are currently stuck in.

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Meanwhile In Israel

Countries from around the world, more specifically, countries and organisations who hate Israel are blaming an Israeli Spyware company called NSO for allegedly giving governments a cell phone spyware called Pegasus who are then using it against activists, dissidents, and journalists. However, NSO has recently taken Pegasus spyware offline in three different countries that were found to have been misusing it, and instead of using it to catch the bad guys, using it to make sure people don’t find out what is really going on behind the scenes. It has yet to be proven one way or another if this is yet another political attack on Israel from its enemies or if the company in Israel is indeed guilty. Israel says they are taking said allegations very seriously, and has even created a task force to tackle the issue.

In the meantime dangerous hacker groups are using other spyware available on the dark web with a truly catastrophic effect over the past months across the globe in a number of big profile instances. Many of these attacks have also been perpetrated specifically against Israel’s tech industry. Perhaps the timing of it all is just coincidence, or perhaps not. Please pray for the truth to come out quickly, but also for the truly dangerous cyber attacks that are effecting infrastructure, supply chains, healthcare systems, etc. do not continue to grow in scale and severity. Read more hear about these recent attacks.

As always, be praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of Israel, and remember that even though Israel has many enemies, it is not our job the curse them, but instead to pray for those who hate us and bless those who curse us. Salvation is sprouting up in a mighty way in the nations that hate Israel the most and Yeshua is making Himself known to the most unlikely of people in the most supernatural of ways in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and many other Middle Eastern nations as the Gospel begins returning from the ends of the earth back to Israel. Just because a country’s government is bent on the destruction of Israel does not mean its people are and even if they are it does not exempt them from being saved and transformed by believing that Yeshua is Messiah. Adonai bless you and keep you global remnant of Adonai!

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