Shalom Kingdom Family! A lot has transpired here in Washington D.C. in the last couple of days in both the natural and the Spirit. More and more believers continue to show up, led by the Holy Spirit to pray and worship, standing in the gap for the election knowing the Media does not decide who wins an election, but that it is Adonai who raises up and deposes kings (Daniel 2:21).

President Trump has not been deposed. We have been praying according to two main portions of Scripture that we feel very strongly from Adonai are for this very moment in time for these United States.

Usurper No More

Firstly, as we were praying, Adonai led us to 1 Kings chapters 1-2. It is a spitting image of what is happening at hits very moment in the U.S., and just so happens to be part of the parashah, the portion of Scripture that will be read in every synagogue in the world this next Shabbat on November 14th. It tells us of a time when King David was old and bed ridden towards the end of his life when his second eldest son Adonijah with the help of some of King David’s closest confidants, named himself king without his father’s blessing and without his knowledge.

While of Israel celebrated the crowning of the “usurper king” those whom Adonijah knew would not agree remained in Jerusalem at King David’s side. Sound familiar? While the media and tech giants celebrate Joe Biden as the next president, they do it with no legal authority or backing.

When Nathan the prophet and Bathsheba heard the news, they told King David and reminded him that he had said Solomon was to be anointed as the next King of Israel. At that moment King David gave the order, Nathan the prophet took Solomon to the Gihon Spring in Mount Zion and anointed him as the true King of Israel.

Now is the time to pray and remind Adonai that it is President Donald J. Trump who He has said will be re-elected, and for the remnant to take a stand just as the remnant in Jerusalem did at the side of King David. Joe Biden is not God’s anointed, and Adonai will not stand for a usurper in the White House.

Mayflower Destiny

Tomorrow November 11th, will be the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower reaching the United States. A ship full of believers who were not allowed to worship the Great I Am freely in Great Britain came to a new land across the Atlantic to do just that. Sound Familiar?

Just as Moses told the pharaoh in Egypt, let my people go to worship me in the wilderness, so to was the yearning of the people who would one day be the founding fathers of a new nation under God.

Right now we are in a Red Sea moment, when all of the forces of the world are against those who believe in the promise of Adonai, but what they did not account for, is the fact that the Lord of Hosts fights our battles.

At that moment, when Israel stood before the Red Sea, the people were dismayed and without hope, much like many of the people around the United States right now watching as the enemy tries to steal this election, but now is the time to pray as Moses prayed in response to Israel’s doubt.

“Then Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid! Take your stand [be firm and confident and undismayed] and see the salvation of Adonai which He will accomplish for you today; for those Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see again.”— Exodus 14:13 Adonai is judging the false gods of Egypt (Baal / Molech) , and it is time to take our stand, firm, confident, and undismayed.

Join the global Body of Messiah tomorrow Wednesday the 11th in a time of prayer, praise and worship in Spirit and Truth on the anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower that crossed the Atlantic out of tyranny and into freedom. Adonai has spoken, and it is time for we His people to coe into agreement with His promise. Adonai bless you and keep you Kingdom family, and God bless the Unite States!

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